Astrario play


If you like universe, planets and spaceships we have good news for you. We found one awesome game that contains all of it. It is one kind of shooting game but also it is strategy. Your every move have to be planned and you need to know how to move between all of these planets. Once you start the game you are a very small spaceship and all around you are some better and bigger spaceships. Your goal is to reach their size and try to destroy them. It will be a little bit harder so you need to build your spaceship and upgrade it. The best way to do that is to destroy planets around you. Because you are small and your bullets are not strong and powerful you need to be persistent. Shoot at nearest planet around you and when they release gray dots you have to collect them. When you collect 5 of them it will be much easier because you can choose between three types of upgrade. Choose your favorite type and go further. Now you can stand and attack other players as well. If you destroy their spaceship you will gain a lot of power. Before that you should upgrade your skills. They will be printed in the left bottom corner so just pick one of them with number.

Although, this game seems very simple they are some tips and tricks that you should know. Be careful with selecting your upgrade. For instance, if you are too strong accelerating is slower so you might have problems with some fast players so practice your aim. Until you gain some experience and strength you should avoid other players because they are probably stronger than you and you can lose fight. But if you do it will not be too big problem because you will have half of your strength once you respawn.

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